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Eltima Application as Service 4.0.160-可以把任何應用程序設置成系統服務
Eltima Application as Service 系統工具,可以把任何應用程序設置成系統服務,這樣你就可以給它們設定什麼時候運行,可以設定使用權限,是否在後台運行等各種系統服務才具備的功能。

Run any application as Windows service, Application as Service is a cutting edge solution that will let you run any application as a Windows service, benefitting from all the advantages native Windows services have, still providing you with many more functions. Application as Service offers advanced recovery options (restart the service your application is started by; restart computer; launch supplementary application), sophisticated dependencies mechanism, pre-service/post-service application start-up, your application rights/priority management, "application-crash" protection, graceful console application exit, on-the-fly start-up customization and lots more.

With Application as Service you can:

Guarantee 100% uptime of your applications
Automatically restart your applications on power failures or application crashes. Ensure 100% uptime of your critical software, monitor the status of your applications and schedule their launching. Convert any program into service easily, without any coding skills required at all.

Manage system services remotely
With Application as Service you can create and manage system services locally or on any remote computer (Application as Service is not required to be installed on a remote PC). You can run any application as service remotely in the other system and manage it easily. Multiple remote locations can be managed at the same time.

Make your application start in any PC mode
Application as Service lets you run an application under a specified user account, launch programs before user logon (monitoring tools, surveillance utilities, etc), and even in front of the Windows Logon screen. The application can be started automatically or manually.

Launch applications as services interactively or silently
You can run your application interactively (visible to users) or silently. Both, interactively and silently run services can be launched under user accounts. You can also choose user session (including RDP) in which interactive service should be started.

Run any application (32/64-bit and console ones) as Windows service
Create and manage native system services in few clicks
Easily connect to remote PC over local network or Internet and manage all remote services like your own (Application as Service is not required on a remote PC)
Run application as service before users login into their accounts or after the network is fully initialized
Run your application interactively (visible to users) or silently
Choose user session (including RDP session) in which interactive service should be started - for Windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7 and Server 2008.
Interactively and silently run services can be launched under user accounts.
Schedule your service to run at the exact time and periodically on the defined day of the week/month/year
Minimize downtime by auto-restarting application once it is crashed
Advanced service dependencies mechanism allows you to run applications at the certain order
Define Load Order Group which your application belongs to
Restrict/grant your application with execution rights by specifying user account name under which it is run
On-the-fly service start-up type customization
Gracefully close console and Windows applications
Close various popup windows that your application might display
Specify the process priority for your application (Real time/High/Above normal/Normal/Below normal/Low)
Define CPU binding for multi-processor PCs
Conveniently supply additional options and system environment variables for console and Windows applications
Run additional programs prior to the service startup, program start, stop or just after the service shutdown
Redirect STDIN, STDOUT and STDERROR streams to or from the file for console application
Specify desktop on which you would like your application to run as service
Take all benefits of multi-processor, multi-thread and 64-bit platforms
Works under Virtual Machines (VMWare and so on)
Use XML configuration file to install the service

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