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Photolemur 3 v1.1.0.2388 Multilingual
Photolemur 是一款全新的照片編輯應用程序,號稱是“世界上第一款完全自動化的照片升級程序”,它使用人工智能自動升級任何照片,並將人工參與降到最低程度。這個軟件是英國一家創業公司研發的,公司組成人員是包括攝影師,技術開發者和企業家在內的一個國際團隊。Photolemur 破解版的任務就是構建大家肉眼所看到的事物和相機所記錄的事物之間的橋樑,”該公司的首席營銷官 Nazar Begen 說道,“它並不會改變照片的原貌,而是讓這些照片看起來更美更自然,就好像拿起來看的照片就是肉眼看到的事物一樣,此外,這個軟件甚至並不需要大家進行過度的人工參與,它為大家做任何事” 。Photolemur 破解版會在很短的時間內分析大家照片裡的事物,比如人臉,顏色和物體。然後,它會試著糾正照片的方方面面,而這些傳統上都是人類自己在後期處理中會做的事情,比如說顏色修復,曝光補償,降噪,智能去霧,自然光矯正等。在它自動升級照片後,會提醒大家是否可以保存最後的圖片,基於大家保存和沒有保存照片的歷史記錄,這款軟件會跟隨照片主人的品味,根據保存了的照片記錄調整照片編輯的方法。Photolemur 破解版可以一次處理原始文件和多個文件,允許大家在很短的時間內快速選擇好要升級的照片集。Photolemur 破解版是目前世界上第一款完全基於人工智能(AI)算法而誕生的全自動圖片處理工具,最後呈現出自然而美麗的照片,將照片變得更鮮豔,更逼真,力求還原照片本來的面目,更接近人眼視覺效果。

Windows x64 | Languages: Multilingual 

Great Photos Automatically - The world's first fully automated photo enhancer that makes all your images great automatically with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Who says you need loads of free time and expensive software to perfect your images? Photolemur does all the heavy lifting, so you can spend more time having photo-worthy adventures!

What's New:

Perfect Smile? Of course!
Photolemur 3’s all-new Face Finish automatically smooths skin, removes imperfections, enhances eyes, and whitens teeth. It’s subtle but dramatic. Your friends and family have never looked better!

This AI is here to help.
Photolemur 3.0’s AI brain automatically transforms your images from good to great by analyzing millions of details and instantly performing complex adjustments. No photo editing experience? No problem.

Get Creative.
Selected by artificial intelligence, Photolemur styles let you personalize your images with ease.

Inspiration from Our Users.
From kids and pets to landscapes and travel, we’re inspired by the unforgettable images people are creating with Photolemur! We can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

Your photos to the next level minus the hassle
Enhance your photos and take them to the next level quickly and easily. No more waiting until you find the time, no more spending hours getting the right look, no more editing one photo at a time. With Photolemur and its batch-processing capabilities, you’re just a click away to achieving that perfect look in all your photos.

System Requirements:
- Intel® Core i3 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor; 2 GHz or faster processor
- 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
- 1024 x 768 display (1280x800 recommended)
- 4 GB of available hard-disk space
- DirectX 10-capable video adapter
- Microsoft Windows 7, 8,10 (64-bit)