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ORPALIS PDF Reducer Pro v3.0.20 註冊版-實用的PDF文件優化工具
ORPALIS PDF Reducer 是一個PDF文件優化軟件,可以保證清晰度,不影響閱讀體驗的前提下,有效的減小PDF文件的體積,達到給PDF文件減肥瘦身的目的。使用方法:打開軟件,.在 Source 及 Destination 分別選擇優化的 PDF 文件與優化後的 PDF 文件保存目錄,然後點擊[Start batch],等完成後,會顯示出共減小了多少大小等信息。

ORPALIS PDF Reducer is a powerful PDF compression Software for end users and developers meant to help anyone to get existing PDF files reduced up to 80% more than concurrent products.

To achieve that, ORPALIS PDF Reducer provides different innovative and highly sophisticated size-reducing techniques which can be optionally applied by user selection:

Unrivaled lossless data re-compression

Innovative and highly sophisticated techniques which restructure existing content and apply the most effective compression scheme based on data type. Documents are printable and zoomable without loss of quality.
PDF Reducer is able to serialize several compression algorithms on images in order to (surpass) the limitations of some compression schemes.

Remove unwanted or unused objects

You might have received PDFs containing additional, unwanted objects: let PDF Reducer remove them for you.

Automatic color detection and layout analysis

Usually, scanning batches of papers under scanner’s color-mode implies mixing together colored and B&W documents. PDF Reducer automatically identifies the B&W ones and encodes them as plain B&W thus dramatically reducing the file size.

Raster images re-sampling and re-composing

Decrease un-necessary high resolution to dramatically reduce the file size without affecting the viewing experience.

Content segmentation and optimal compression

Segments embedded images, separates text, finds similar bitmap sections and makes optimized recompression.

Fast web view support (linearization)

Add to your large PDFs the ability of being viewable for web-users even before the PDF file download is complete.

Input file formats

With PDF Reducer version 3 you can downsize a large variety of images and documents. Nearly 100 input files formats are now available besides PDF, including raster images formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, JPEG 2000 and RAW camera formats.

• Content segmentation to increase compression ratio.
• Automatically applies the most effective compression scheme based on data type.
• Serialization of several compression algorithms.
• Uses innovative automatic color detection mechanism.
• Page layout analysis.
• Embedded raster images re-sampling.
• Embedded raster images re-compression.
• Unused objects removing.
• Remove unwanted specific objects such as annotations, bookmarks, formfields, embedded files…

OS : Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/Windows 10
Language : English, French, Romanian