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PatentWizard Professional 3.1.0 美國臨時專利申請軟件
PatentWizard pro是一個獨特的軟件程序,旨在幫助發明人向美國專利商標局(USPTO)起草和提交“臨時”專利申請。儘管沒有軟件程序可以替代合格的專利律師,但是如果您致力於編寫自己的專利申請,PatentWizard會像專利律師一樣協助您編寫。它提供了一個簡單的分步過程,以指導發明人起草其臨時專利申請。當發明人仍在確定其發明的適銷性時,將PatentWizard設計為在發明過程的早期階段使用。軟件具有易於使用的分步過程,能夠幫助您像專利律師一樣寫作,讓您快速獲取“正在申請專利”等,成功完成步驟並生成應用程序後,便可以將臨時應用程序導出到MicrosoftWord或HTML。

PatentWizard is a unique software program designed to assist inventors in drafting and filing "provisional" patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). While no software program can replace a qualified patent attorney, PatentWizard will assist you in writing like a patent attorney if you are dedicated to writing your own patent application.

PatentWizard provides a simple step-by-step process for guiding inventors through drafting their provisional patent application. PatentWizard is designed for use during the early stages of the invention process when inventors are still determining the marketability of their invention.

Inventors are strongly encouraged to seek at least a review of their self-drafted provisional patent application by a patent attorney prior to filing with the USPTO. Neustel Law Offices, LTD will provide a review of your self-drafted provisional patent application for a flat-fee if drafted with PatentWizard. After an inventor has determined that their invention is "marketable", they should then hire a patent attorney to draft a formal patent application for their invention prior to the one year expiration of their provisional application.

PatentWizard Professional is a unique software program that provides its users with many benefits such as:
Easy to use step-by-step process.
Helps you write like a patent attorney.
Obtain "Patent Pending" fast.
Use "Patent Pending" notice.
Lower initial investment.
Provide a complete disclosure to your patent attorney.
Supplemental book not required.

What's New:
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