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Movavi Video Converter 20.0.0 Premium Multilingual 視頻轉換軟件
Movavi Video Converter Premium20是一款功能強大的轉換工具,使用可幫助用戶快速將任何媒體檔案轉換為任何格式,支持豐富的媒體格式,支持包括高清在內的180多種格式,並且速度非常的快,即時轉換網路上喜愛的電影和短片。並且不僅支持影片,還可以做音訊轉檔、影音轉檔、甚至影像轉檔工具。還能夠輕鬆編輯、旋轉、裁剪短片及穩定化,必要時還能修正品質,流暢簡單的轉換體驗,高品質的輸出結果,使用Movavi Video Converter,您不需要電影工程學位就能將HD 電影轉換為適合在行動裝置上播放的格式,也能壓縮準備上傳到網路的影片。該程式提供適用於大多數行動裝置和網站的多樣化轉換預設值。

Enjoy video and music your way! With Movavi Video Converter, you can prepare your multimedia files for instant playback in any format and on any device. And you don’t need to be a geek to do it: just select the format or device you want from the vast list of supported options and hit one button – your files will be ready in seconds.

Plus you get a huge range of exciting extras: enhance video quality, adjust and normalize sound levels, trim, merge, crop, and rotate files before you convert – all through our trademark user-friendly interface that’s so easy to master!

Work with video, audio, and images in any format
- Open video files in any format and resolution, including Ultra HD.
- Transfer your DVD collection to your hard drive – rip DVDs and save them as video files.
- Process your entire music library with one click.
- Convert image files between most popular formats.

Be sure you get the best-possible quality results
- Choose the exact format you need: the program supports all current video, audio, and image formats and codecs.
- Enjoy one-click conversion of media files for 200+ mobile devices using our handy ready-made presets.
- Prepare your video for uploading to video hosting sites and social networks quickly, easily – and automatically.

Save time thanks to leading-edge technologies
- Using our innovative SuperSpeed mode, you can convert video up to 79x faster than using traditional conversion methods. No re-compression or loss of quality!
- Support for NVIDIA CUDA, NVENC, and Intel HD Graphics hardware acceleration increases conversion speed up to 3.5 times.
- Use your multicore processor to the max! The software estimates your CPU usage and loads the processor cores in the most efficient way, converting 2 or 4 H.264 files simultaneously.。。。。