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Album TD 3.8.0 x64 Multilingual 一款用於Photoshop的專輯設計軟件
Album TD 3是一款用於Photoshop的專輯設計軟件,開發了一種新工具:Album Turbo Design。專輯設計服務的所有拖放功能,我們的新設計引擎將立即創建全景紙張和雙頁面的佈局。Atractive和現代設計,您可以修改,以適應您的風格。使用Album Turbo Design,您可以設計婚禮專輯,聖餐,洗禮,高級等; 幾秒鐘內任何專輯主題都有很棒的佈局。經過測試並使用了幾個不同的影集程序,它主要是簡單性和Alejandro的大力支持,這讓我更加關注Album TD。操作此軟件需要一段時間,因為命令和操作被打包到一個智能但簡單易用的界面中。

Album TD 3.5.0 (x64) Multilingual 
From Album DS creators, the album design software for Photoshop, a new tool has been developed: Album Turbo Design. All the drag and drop power at album design service, our new design engine will instantly create the layout both for panoramic sheets and double paged. Atractive and modern designs you may modify to suit your style. With Album Turbo Design you may design a wedding album, communion, baptism, senior, etc.; any album theme with awesome layouts in just seconds.

Layout preview
True wysiwyg layout preview, including margins, gaps, backgrounds and cliparts.

Magnetic alignment
Automatic alignment and a unique algorithm to position images perfectly aligned even with small gaps.

All spreads at once
The only album design software which allows designing all spreads at once, enable grid view and drag images.

Full layered PSD
Exporting to PSD you will get a full layered document with uncut images as smart object, ready for any extreme retouch.

A turbo engine and you are the driver.
Drag and drop a few images into the editor and a design will be created, select a new design from our true preview layouts list. Move freely any image in the layout, resize and rotate it; also a selection of images.
Swap images with a simple drag, even between different spreads. Insert a new image between others or at their border, easy and fast.
Full gap control with our unique homogenization algorithm for perfectly aligned images.

- Layout preview
- Border gap
- Images gap
- Auto alignment
- Panoramic or 2 paged

Awesome results
- Full color management
- JPG and TIF
- Layered PSD
- Preview PDF
- Preview JPG

No restrictions
- Backgrounds
- Image as background
- Masks
- Custom mask
- Clipart

Image editor
- Hue & saturation
- Levels
- Shadow & highlights
- Contrast and lightness
- External editor

System requirements:
Album TD is compatible with Windows Vista 64bits or higher (not compatible with 32bits OS)

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