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Ashampoo Video Stabilization 1.0.0 x64 Multilingual 一款相當實用的視頻穩定處理工具
用運動相機、手機或無人機拍攝的鏡頭往往都不穩定,會極大的影響觀看體驗。Ashampoo Video Stabilization 提供高效,且完全自動化的視頻穩定功能。從此擺脫相機抖動的煩惱,帶來全新的視頻體驗!Ashampoo Video Stabilization 有著比其名稱所包括包括的多得多的功能。它還可以旋轉和裁剪視頻。可以鏡像和旋轉視頻 90 / 180 / 270 度或任意角度,支持任意圖像格式和寬高比的視頻。在其他程序中您常常需要在層層菜單中尋找要的功能,Ashampoo Video Stabilization 將所有功能都放置在易於訪問的地方,只需用滑塊和文本框就能快速調整。增強白平衡、色彩,或是優化曝光和飽和度。Ashampoo Video Stabilization 將您拍攝的鏡頭轉變成逼真而生動的視頻,支持生成各種常見格式、編解碼器和分辨率(包括高清、2K 和 4K)。 

Icon: mark 自動穩定抖動的視頻
Icon: mark 優化白平衡、曝光和色彩飽和度
Icon: mark 輕鬆旋轉和鏡像視頻
Icon: mark 自由旋轉鏡頭
Icon: mark 裁剪視頻,支持任意格式
Icon: mark 輕鬆、直觀的編輯視頻
Ashampoo® Video Fisheye Removal
File Size: 98.33 MB

Footage taken with action cams, cellphones or drones tend to be shaky which greatly ruins the viewing experience. Ashampoo Video Stabilization provides highly efficient video stabilization - fully automatically. Reexperience your videos without annoying camera shakes! Ashampoo Video Stabilization does more than the name implies. It also rotates and crops your videos. The program mirrors and rotates videos either by 90 / 180 / 270 degrees or freely with custom image formats and aspect ratios.

And while other programs have you click through multiple nested menus, Ashampoo Video Stabilization bundles all features in one easily accessible place with sliders and text boxes for quick input. Enhance white balance and colors or optimize exposure and saturation. Ashampoo Video Stabilization turns your camera footage into realistic and vibrant videos with support for all common formats and codecs at any resolution (including HD, 2K and 4K).

Feature highlights:
Stabilize shaky videos automatically
Optimize white balance, exposure and color saturation
Rotate and mirror videos with ease
Rotate shots freely
Crop videos to any format
Easy, intuitive video editing

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