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Tecplot RS 2019 R1 v2019.1.0.98934 x64 油藏數據可視化分析管理
ecplot RS2019使用為用戶帶來強大的油藏模擬數據分析和管理程序。隨著油藏模型越來越大,越來越複雜,一款高效的數據管理和分析工具就會變得更加重要,好用的軟件能夠帶來最完善的解決方案,滿足用於有效的分析和溝通需求,使用軟件,您可以輕鬆發現探索油藏模型的所有相關信息和只是,並以可視化的圖像和動畫的形式傳達給你的同事和相關項目人員,幫助大家迅速的理清數據聯繫,並且軟件能夠在屏幕上生成高質量的圖像,使用也會比同類型軟件更加的簡單便捷和快速,不管是快速驗證結果或做出最正確的關鍵決策,從分析中獲取最重要的信息和發現,瞭解你的數據,從多個來源加載答案行數據集都非常的方便。

Oil and gas reservoir models are getting larger and more complex, and the need for effective analysis and communication is becoming vitally important. Tecplot RS helps you manage and analyze large amounts of reservoir simulation data, uncover knowledge about reservoir model behavior, and communicate your results to colleagues and management with professional images and animations.

Quickly Validate Your Results
When you have finished running a reservoir simulation, you must be able to quickly validate your results, and make crucial decisions about your model. Visualization and analysis tools are crucial in the simulation workflow to help you fully understand your model.
Working closely with the reservoir engineers over the past 15 years, our team has carefully studied typical reservoir simulation workflows. We have designed Tecplot RS specifically to streamline processes so that you get to your answers in just a few mouse clicks.

Gain Crucial Insights through Powerful Analysis
Important information extracted from your model can give you fresh insights about reservoir behavior, leading to new discoveries. Tecplot RS has built in statistical analysis tools that pull out detailed reservoir model characteristics, for example, integrating the total oil in place for a grid solution. High quality graphics allow you to view your reservoir from many different perspectives.

Load Simulation Data from Many Sources
Efficient methods for loading large data sets and an and easy-to-use interface help you quickly access the views you need to comprehend your data. As a full data visualization and analysis tool, Tecplot RS is compatible with many different sources of data. This industry compatibility makes it easy to standardize your results. It also facilitates cross team communication throughout the organization.

Responsive Technical Support
Take advantage of new software releases twice per year. See what’s new in the latest release.
Get response from our technical support team in one business day or less.
Get help with installation, troubleshooting and workflow issues specific to your workplace.
View our Tecplot RS video tips, tutorials and webinars.

Advisory Council
Customer advisory council members (made up of our largest customers) have direct influence on the new feature design in Tecplot RS. Consulting with leaders in the oil and gas industry keeps us in sync with current issues in the industry.

The Tecplot RS Solution
Tecplot RS is an all-in-one XY, 2D and 3D solution. This one tool helps your team easily organize data results, have confidence in model predictions, collaborate across teams and communicate results to management. A short learning curve, full technical support and free online training, helps your team get up and running quickly.