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Altium Designer Beta 20.0.1 Build 14 一款專業的電子印刷版電路圖設計軟件
Altium公司最新的旗艦產品——Altium Designer 20可以幫助各位設計師提升工作效率、減緩設計壓力,成功應對越來越複雜的電子設計。

Altium的開發團隊很高興地宣佈為Altium Designer第20次升級發佈,這次更新集中在Altium Designer的額外增強,以下列舉了其中幾個亮點,希望對您有所幫助:



對於Lattice Diamond軟件的支持:

        Lattice Diamond是Altium針對Lattice的 FPGA設計。此外, Lattice的iostandard約束也得到了改善和正確映射。


        改進包括在STEP文件中輸出的變化,以便為板級部分使用“組件後綴”選項,並且在PCB IDF導出實用程序時,當檢測到一個空元件註釋時,會發出警告。


       無論您是否安裝了Adobe Reader,Altium Designer 現在都將運用系統默認的PDF閱讀器。


更多詳細內容請參照release notes.

Altium Designer Beta 20.0.1 Build 14 | 
Altium has released an updated an exclusive preview of Altium Designer 20.0.1 beta. This release continues its focus on delivering solutions that help designers increase their productivity, with modern tools that are easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to implement.

The rapidly expanding global PCB market has spurred remarkable advancements in the world of electronic design, with new products that are more sophisticated, more compact, and more complex than ever before. Altium continues their focus on developing cutting-edge design tools that meet the needs of today’s engineer, and is excited to announce the release of Altium Designer 19 beta - the most powerful, modern, easy-to-use release to date. By leveraging feedback from the user community and with significant efforts in research and development, Altium Designer 19 beta delivers key updates and performance enhancements, along with new and improved features that significantly increase design productivity.

About Altium Designer. Altium Designer provides electronic designers and engineers with a single, unified application that incorporates all the technologies and capabilities necessary for complete electronic product development. Altium Designer integrates board- and FPGA-level system design, embedded software development, and PCB layout, editing, and manufacturing within a single design environment.

About Altium Ltd. Altium LLC. is a multinational software corporation headquartered in San Diego, California, that focuses on electronics design systems for 3D PCB design and embedded system development. Altium products are found everywhere from world leading electronic design teams to the grassroots electronic design community. Founded in 1985, Altium has offices worldwide, with US locations in San Diego, Boston and New York City, European locations in Karlsruhe, Amersfoort, Kiev, Munich, Markelo and Zug, and Asia Pacific locations in Shanghai, Tokyo and Sydney.

Product: Altium Designer
Version: 20.0.1 Build 14 beta
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer