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Visual Paradigm Enterprise 15.2 Build 20190501 x64 一款功能強大的一體化設計和項目管理工具
Visual Paradigm是一款功能強大的一體化設計和項目管理工具。旨在使您的團隊能夠管理企業轉型的複雜性,以應對快速變化的市場,技術和法規要求。 它是企業架構規劃和業務轉型,項目管理和敏捷軟件開發的理想一站式解決方案,使您的公司能夠更快,更好,更智能地控制和響應變更!Visual Paradigm允許您靈活地採用您想要在流程中執行的操作,並且只要您認為有必要使用我們的Just-in就可以輕鬆定製時間、過程、方法。庫中的大量組件(表單或分析工作項)可用於設計您自己的過程,您可以使用即時流程圖。您還可以通過構建您的庫來豐富庫 自己的組件可供重用和更深層次的流程定製。

Visual Paradigm is a complex UML modeling application designed to ease the work of software developers. It offers a complete platform to ease the development process and supports round-trip code engineering for C#.NET, VB.NET and C++.NET.

Visual Paradigm Enterprise
End-to-End Enterprise Architecture Tool Suite
Step-by-step Enterprise Architecture development with ADM guided process. Perform project management with PMBOK process map, user story mapping, visual modeling (UML, BPMN, etc) and more.

Visual Modeling
Powerful visual modeling tools that helps you build and manage your diagrams and model elements:
Drag-and-drop diagram editor
Support UML, BPMN, ArchiMate, DFD, ERD, SoaML, SysML, CMMN
Effective modeling tools such as elements reusability, diagram & element transformation, syntax validation, custom properties, etc
Many formatting options

Enterprise Architecture
Popular TOGAF software with an industry-unique TOGAF ADM lifecycle management tool. Used by the world's best-known enterprises.
Process navigation tool that walks you through the ADM phases.
Actionable steps – Perform the ADM activities within our ADM process tool, with guides and clear examples to follow – No learning required.
Wide range of ADM tools: ArchiMate, Capability Analysis tool, ADM deliverable tool (form)
Auto-generated TOGAF deliverable

Business Analysis & Design
End-to-end business tools that help you improve your business's efficiency and productivity.
Strategic Planning: Process management tool that helps you discover and define your business's strategic goals.
Process Design: Visualize business workflow with BPMN, document working procedure for activities and generate high-quality process reports.
Process Analysis: Study workflow with the process animation tool. Determine the best set up of resource with process simulation tool.
Process Reengineering: Reengineering process management tool that helps you document your plan, design new process, identify gap and monitor improvements (KPI).

Project Management
Achieve better results by managing your software projects with full-fledge of project management tools.
A map of project management lifecycle with hotspots to all planning, execution and control activities. Perform the activities with our built-in management tools and generate reports in seconds.
2D configurable process map that organizes your management activities in a neat way. PMBOK and various project management process templates are available.
Rich set of management tools: PERT, roadmap, implementation plan, spider chart, WBS, Fishbone, etc.

Agile & Scrum Development
Full set of agile backlog and process management tools that makes your agile projects more effective.
User story mapping:
Drag and drop story creation and arrangement.
Story estimation tool – Affinity table.
Sprint backlog management
Scrum Process Canvas:
Scrum Process Canvas that helps your team manage entire Scrum Project in one page including: all the Scrum roles, events and artifacts. Perform the activities right within the map. Generate Scrum reports in seconds.

Online Diagrams
A light-weight diagramming tool that makes it quick and easy to create the diagrams you want.
Convenient drag-and-drop diagram editors
100+ diagram types, covering all kinds of business, technical and general diagrams.
1000+ diagram templates to help you start quick.
Web-based – Works well in different web browsers, and in any platform
The best Visio alternative both in terms of features and pricing
Embed your diagrams into MS Documents and Presentations for display and quick editing

User Experience Design
Clarify stakeholders' needs with our powerful user experience tools.
Wireframe tool - Create wireframes to visualize screen flow and screen layout
Wireflow tool – Visualize the flow of wireframes as a flowchart.
Wireflow animation - Make your wireflow alive through the animation tool, which makes your presentation way more effective.
Prototyping tool: demonstrate and confirm your work.
and more...