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Boris FX Mocha Pro 2019.5 v6.1.0 x64 for Adobe 視覺效果和後期製作的平面跟蹤工具
Mocha Pro 是一款獨立的2D跟蹤軟件,基於圖形獨特的2.5平面跟蹤系統. mocha 作為一種低成本的有效跟蹤解決方案,具有多種功能,產生二維立體跟蹤能力,即使在最艱難的短片拍攝,可也節省大量時間和金錢.mocha是一個單獨的二維跟蹤工具軟件,它可以使影視特效合成藝術家的生活變得更容易,以便減少壓力.mocha致力於商業、電影、企業影片後製作的一款工具,它的直覺畫面,簡單易學用,工業標準2.5D平面的追蹤技術,比起使用傳統工具,它提供比透過傳統工具的製作方法還要快3-4倍的速度,建立高品質影片。

New 2019.5 release! Mocha Pro is the Academy Award-winning planar tracking tool for visual effects and post-production. Mocha Pro features GPU-accelerated planar tracking and object removal, advanced roto with edge-snapping, image stabilization, 3D camera solver, stereo 360/VR support, and more.

New In Mocha Pro 2019.5: 
Mocha Essentials interface and new customizable layouts
GPU-accelerated object removal: it’s like Content-Aware on steroids
New roto tools for faster masking: Magnetic Splines with edge-snapping
Retina/High DPI monitor resolution support
Award-winning 360/VR tools now included with Mocha Pro

Mocha’s masking workflow features planar tracked spline tools to speed up shape creation and reduce manual keyframes. Magnetic Splines with edge-snapping assistance help create the most detailed mask shapes — without requiring drawing skills.
Mocha 2019.5 now features a new edge-snapping shortcut to assist spline animation.
Don’t paint yourself into a corner. Mocha’s masking tools always remain vector for continuous editing capabilities and speed on high-resolution projects.

The Mocha Essentials workspace brings the power of Mocha to novice level users with a simplified, elegant, and easy-to-learn interface.
Tracking & masking is now faster by reducing complexity and focusing the Mocha interface on the most essential icons and tools. Switch to Classic for advanced modules and customize and save workspaces for flexibility.

Mocha’s amazing Remove Module has been rewritten to optimize GPU video hardware for up to 4-5x render speed improvements on removals and clean plating projects. For high-resolution 4K projects and 360/VR video resolutions, the resulting speed improvement is a massive time-saver. View the speed test
Fix it in post! The Remove Module is one of the most popular reasons After Effects artists upgrade from the Adobe bundled Mocha AE CC. View all Remove Module tutorials

Mocha Pro’s spherical video workflow tools were awarded a technology award from the Advanced Imaging Society for innovation in stereoscopic 360/VR post-production. Learn More

Whats New:
New features in Mocha Pro 2019.5 v6.1.0
• Flame 2020 Support: The Mocha Pro OFX plugin now supports Flame 2020
• Edge-Snapping: You can now select points and press the ‘Alt+S’ key to snap those
points to the nearest edge, or hold S to drag-snap
• After Effects CC Power Pin Export: We now export corner pins to the Power Pin
• Layout Manager: You can now save, modify and order layouts from the View menu.
Any new layouts you create will appear in the workspace drop down
• Spline and Matte rendering performance improvements: Projects with many
layers or control points now render much faster to screen. Mattes also render much
• Autosave now has backups: You can now iterate autosaves to make sure minimal
work is lost. Autosaves are no longer removed on exit to the host.

Mocha 2019 plug-in support: Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro CC 2014-2019