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DPT ThinkDesign 2019.1-一款超現代造型設計軟件,它主要可以給汽車行業、鈑金沖壓、塑膠模具、機械行業、消費品等行業提供完美的解決方案
使用 ThinkDesign,你可以自由發揮你的創造力和想像力從事流行的超現代造型設計。 你可自定義你自已的命令文件。而且在兼容模式下,你可以喚醒一個命令行界面使你繼續按 AutoCAD 或 IntelliCAD 的習慣從事工作。ThinkDesign 是一款旗艦 CAD 產品,定位於需要 3D 設計、加強的零件建模、2D/3D 透視、全功能的 2D 矢量繪圖能力的中型製造商。集成零件裝配表,增強的大型裝配管理工具和產品生命週期工具。

An advanced parametric CAD dedicated to solid, surface and hybrid modeling. A professional, versatile and, above all, comprehensive product.

The ThinkDesign Professional solution covers the entire product definition cycle, meeting the needs of those working in Styling, Engineering and Tooling departments. It encompasses all the experience gained by DPT in the field while supporting clients, and all the power of the ThinkDesign Suite that, version after version, has developed to achieve levels of integrity and flexibility that are still unique in the CAD/PLM market. The range of tools is amazingly rich.Using functions such as 2D, 2D and 3D integration, curve creation and editing, surfaces and solids, sheet metal, tubing, assembly management, table creation, animation, mechanical component libraries, FEM integration, rendering and much, much more, the project materializes in the product. Integration with the PLM suite means all data is managed perfectly.

One of the benefits of using a unique solution like ThinkDesign Professional throughout the various product definition phases lies in the smashing of the communication barriers among designers, e gineers and molding and equipment technicians, due to the possibility of intervention without losing the work done by other departments. Thanks to the advantages of the solid modeling, the flexibility of the free form surface models and the impressive GSM editing tools, you can make highly creative and precise modifications to any type of shape, be it native or imported, while keeping complete association.

From conceptual design, through development, up to the final product, ThinkDesign Suite covers all the process stages and provides wide creative freedom and dynamic control of the model in real-time.

The family of products ThinkDesign Suite
The solution is available in four different versions; each of them differs from the other for its functionalities that are specific for the different application areas:

- ThinkDesign Styling
A complete tool for the world of design, it allows users to focus their work exclusively on the product shape, transforming the project into a model which takes into account the technical and engineering goals.
- ThinkDesign Engineering
The solution that enables companies to proceed with speed, efficiency and flexibility in the process of product engineering, combining the traditional 2D design commands with many innovative features of 3D design.
- ThinkDesign Tooling
Designed for toolmakers and technicians specialized in dies and molds, it provides tools for editing and rectifying data to easily convert the customers’ models saved in neutral formats (IGES, STEP, etc. ...), and proceeding with the design of molds and equipment. It includes the most common libraries of 3D components and commercial catalogs.
- ThinkDesign Professional
The full product version, dedicated to requiring a single powerful comprehensive solution, covering all the design cycle.

Thanks to its modular structure, each version of ThinkDesign can integrate additional specialized software components to meet the needs of a specific sector. In fact ThinkDesign is the definitive answer to all users who look for a practical solution capable of adding quality, efficiency and productivity to their work.

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