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Siemens Simcenter Testlab 2019.1 x86/x64 一款用於動力學環境測試的高速、多通道振動控制與數據簡化系統
西門子宣佈最新Simcenter Testlab 19.1 軟件(以前稱之為LMS Test.Lab),

Simcenter Testlab 環境包提供了一個功能強大的高速、多通道振動控制系統,可用於開展動力學環境測試,而且通過了宇宙飛船測試認證。 該振動控制系統可以擴展至數百個控制、測量和限制通道。 該解決方案易於使用,適用於開展常規隨機、衝擊、正弦和組合模式測試,並具備執行一流的控制和各類數據分析所需的一切功能。

該環境測試解決方案是一款全面的檢定和驗收測試解決方案,適用於大型和敏感結構,包括宇宙飛船、衛星和系統原型。 它設計用於混響室環境以及在部署測試中開展高頻瞬態捕獲這一情形,能夠在開展隨機或正弦閉環振動控制測試期間,並行採集和在線簡化振動通道。不論是在混響室環境中還是捕獲部署測試中高頻瞬態響應的情況下,它都能用於隨機或正弦閉環振動控制測試中間並行採集和在線震東通道簡化, 該環境測試解決方案還可幫助用戶測試和驗證宇宙飛船設計的穩健性,通過在一個大型混響室中精確再現發射聲學環境水平來確保發射載荷耐受性。

x86,x64 | Languages:English | 

Siemens Simcenter TestLab (former LMS Test.Lab) - a complete solution for vibro-acoustic testing of technical systems of any complexity, combining the functions of data collection and processing, testing, analysis of results and reporting. Simcenter Testlab solutions, in particular, include:

-Simcenter Testlab Structures - the perfect solution for conducting modal tests for both single-point and multi-point excitations in order to determine the characteristics of natural oscillations of products (natural frequencies and vibration modes, damping coefficients and generalized masses);

-Simcenter Testlab Rotating Machinery - a complete set of instruments for vibro-acoustic testing, which allows you to reliably determine the dynamic characteristics of the structure under operating conditions of rotating or reciprocating moving equipment;

-Simcenter Testlab Acoustics - Provides acoustic engineers with a powerful suite of integrated tools. All procedures - from matching signals from microphones and an interface with digital devices, to recording sound power levels, real-time octave analysis and fine-tuning according to sound quality criteria - comply with international standards and engineering practice;

-Simcenter Testlab Environmental - a set of engineering solutions in the field of vibration testing with random, shock, sinusoidal and combined excitations for working out in the laboratory of real operating modes of products. The complex provides qualification tests of products and their main components for vibration resistance, vibration resistance and reliability using control systems with feedback, data collection and processing.

Siemens Simcenter Testlab 2019.1 Win
Year / Date of Releas :2019
Version:2019.1 (build 190710)
Developer:LMS International
Architecture:32bit 64bit
Interface language:English
Tabletka :Present (TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)
System requirements :Win 7/8/10, WinServer 2008/2010