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哥德爾, 埃舍爾,巴赫:一次心靈太空漫遊 G?del, Escher, Bach: A Mental Space Odyssey 麻省理工學院開放式課程 英文版 DVD 只於電腦播放




What do one mathematician, one artist, and one musician all have in common? Are you interested in zen Buddhism, math, fractals, logic, paradoxes, infinities, art, language, computer science, physics, music, intelligence, consciousness and unified theories ? Get ready to chase me down a rabbit hole into Douglas Hofstadter\'s Pulitzer Prize winning book G?del, Escher, Bach. Lectures will be a place for crazy ideas to bounce around as we try to pace our way through this enlightening tome. You will be responsible for most of the reading as lectures will consist primarily of motivating the material and encouraging discussion. I advise everyone seriously interested to buy the book, grab on and get ready for a mind-expanding voyage into higher dimensions of recursive thinking.


Justin Curry&Curran Kelleher

Curran Kelleher
Work Experience:
Institute for Visualization and Perception Research at UMass Lowell - Lowell, MA
Software Engineer and Research Assistant - June 2005 - August 2007, September 2008 - present
Implemented session history recording and replay in the Universal Visualization Platform - IVPR\'s main visualization platform, written in Java
Worked with a team developing a visualization-based document management system in C#
Participated in creating the IEEE VAST 2007 Contest dataset
Wrote text processing utilities for named entity aggregation and search (Java, Lucene)
Authored JyVis, an open source visualization platform (Java, Python, Groovy)
Worked as part of the development team of the Weave web-based visual analytics platform (Java, SQL, Flex, Grails)
Computer Graphics Center (ZGDV) - Darmstadt, Germany
Software Engineer and Research Assistant - October 2007 - August 2008
Designed and implemented software for overlaying hairstyles on face pictures (Java)
Worked with a team of three to design and implement a real-time vision-based 3D reconstruction and hand pose estimation system (C,C++,CUDA)
New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI) - Cambridge, MA
Software Engineer and Research Assistant - January - June 2006
Worked with a team to develop a visualization and simulation platform for earth-wide socioeconomic dynamics (Java)
University of Massachusetts Medical School - Worcester, MA
Research Assistant in Dr. Willam Theurkauf\'s research lab - June 2004 - June 2005
Assisted graduate students with experiments investigating the role of RNAi components in drosophila embryonic axis specification and related phenomena



1 Intro-III: Welcome, tools for thinking, formal systems Three part invention; two-part invention; sonata for unaccompanied Achilles; contracrostipunctus
2 IV: Consistency, completeness, and geometry Little harmonic Labyrinth
3 V: Recursive structures and processes Canon by intervallic augmentation
4 VI: The location of meaning Crab canon
5 VIII: Typographical number theory A Mu offering
6 IX: Mumon and G?del Edifying thoughts of a tobacco smoker
7 XVI: Self-ref and self-rep Prelude...; ...ant fugue
8 XI: Brains and thoughts None scheduled

《哥德爾、艾舍爾、 巴赫:集異璧之大成》
(Godel,Escher,Bach:An Eternal Golden Braid):